Mazda Roadster Coupe NB8C

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1989 widebody Nissan 300ZX

I am particularly happy with how well it drives, notwithstanding the obvious attraction to the body kit / interior etc. I have removed the foglights in the interim to allow air to get to the side-mounts, and will probably get a FMIC in time. Car wheelspins fairly easily in a straight line, not by, me but I wanted an opinion from some who drives Zeds regularly - my compliancer. He thinks it may not be running stock boost (or perhaps the rebuilt turbos are not stock).

Everything has gone too much without a hitch. Anyway, thanks to you for your involvement in getting this bought, stored, shipped, cleared and collected.

- Peter B Canberra, Australia 1989 widebody Nissan 300ZX


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Mazda Roadster Coupe (NB8C series)

In 2003 Mazda released what was to be one of the rarest cars ever in their sports car lineup. They took the popular Mazda Roadster (called the MX-5 in Australia, and Miata in other markets) and made a hardtop coupe version. Developed in conjunction with Mazda E&T (Engineering and Technology), a mere 179 models were produced, of which only around 100 are eligible for import. This makes for a highly sought after and rare car, but they can be found.

The Roadster coupe is often favoured amongst people using them for motorsport use, the metal roof adds significant chassis rigidity and reduced drag with only an additional 10kg of weight. Importable models come with the BP 1.8L 118kW (160hp) engine and close ratio 6 speed manual gearbox, and weigh 1,110kg. ABS brakes, dual airbags, LSD and electronic brake distribution are standard, and the coupe versions were manufacured from late 2003 to mid 2004.


Base model
1.6L engine variant. 53 made. This model is not allowed for import
Type E
1.8L engine variant, automatic transmission only. Elegant front bumper and other minor visual differences. 23 made. This model is not allowed for import
Type S
1.8L engine, 6 speed manual. Sports model with Bilstein shocks and front strut tower brace. Available in red, white and silver. 63 made. This model is allowed for import
Type A
1.8L engine, 6 speed manual. Sports model with Bilstein shocks and front strut tower brace. Features unique front bumper with fog lights, unique headlight and tail light surrounds, rear wing and factory fender flares. Available in red or yellow. 40 made. This model is allowed for import