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2003 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for getting me my Evo VIII GSR. I pretty much haven't stopped driving it since I got back home. Car was registered the next day!

On a side note, my girlfriend is interested in an Evo now. So I'm perhaps thinking of getting something for her.

- Mac D Perth, Australia 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8


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Nissan Skyline Crossover (J50)

Although released earlier in the US and Europe named an Infiniti EX37, the Skyline Crossover was released in Japan in July 2009, the car being a fusion of the sporty V36 Skyline's aerodynamic lines and a larger SUV's proportions and interior space. The similarity to the Skyline is not just in appearance, it shares the same FM platform chassis with the V36 Skyline and 370Z, as well as the same 3.7L engine. The VQ37HR power plant produces 243kW / 324hp with response, torque and good fuel economy at 9.1km/L during city driving, and even better on the highway. A 0 - 100kph time in the high 5 seconds is very impressive for a vehicle of this size. Power is mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode and downshift rev matching. The Skyline Crossover is available in either RWD or 4WD configuration.

The Skyline Crossover offers a variety of features you'd expect on a modern luxury car such as ABS brakes, stability control, traction control, multiple airbags, power seats, heated seats, heated door mirros, leather interior, dual zone climate control and more, but the Crossover also show cases other technologies at the forefront of Nissan's range, including:

  • Around View Monitor

    The All Around View system uses 4 cameras on each side of the car to create a complete 360 degree top down view of the Skyline Crossover and it's surroundings. This can be used to see blind spots and other areas around the car which otherwise cannot be seen. As well as the All Around View, these cameras can be used for rear parking assistance, viewing the front left wheel to avoid gutter scraping, and the front camera can use a 180 degree fish eye view to help driver's see around corners or around cars which may be blocking the driver's view at an intersection.

  • Around View Monitor

    Using the All Around View system, the car will automatically detect the empty car park space (either for parallel parking or reverse parking) and will highlight the position on the All Around View layout which the driver should aim for. When moving into the parking space a box will be formed showing the position the car will eventually end up in should the driver maintain their current steering angle, and so turning the steering wheel until the predicted position matches the parking space makes parking simple and predictable.

  • Lane Departure Prevention and Warning system

    Using a camera to monitor the car's position in a lane, an audio warning is given if the car is unintentionally straying from that lane, and the stability control system can be used to apply brakes on either the left or right side of the car to gently steer back into its lane.

  • Radar cruise control

    Using radar this system allows the cruise control to maintain a distance from the car in front, and Forward Collision Warning will trigger an audible alarm if the driver is too close to a car in front and in danger.

  • Smart key

    A smart key allows the car to be opened and started without actually inserting the key, it need only be in the user's pocket. The Welcome Lighting system will also turn on lights under the side mirrors to illuminate the ground and will turn on the interior lights when someone approaches with a smart key on them.

  • Scratch Sheild paint

    Paint which automatically 'heals' minor scratches to the body work, taking around 7 days via an elastic resin in the paint.

  • Active AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System)

    Points the headlights in the direction the car is being steered.

  • Auto folding rear seat

    Can be activated from the back of the car when loading into the boot.

  • Integrated sound and connectivity

    iPod and Bluetooth connectivity combined with BOSE sound system including subwoofer


370GT and 370GT FOUR
Base model with 3.7L engine and 7 speed tiptronic, in RWD or 4WD This model is allowed for import
370GT Type P and 370GT FOUR Type P
The Type P is the Premium model with greater luxury features including as standard leather interior (real wood trim optional) and standard Around View Monitor with Parking Guide This model is allowed for import


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