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3 cars incl. 2003 Toyota Alphard Welcab

Hi Ben,

How are you ? Finally i got my Toyota Alphard last week ! Thank you so much for your best service offered , i am very happy with the car and it is very clean and nice.

Definitely i will recommend you to other in future.

Thank you again ! : )

Keep in touch !

- Kenny Perth, WA 3 cars incl. 2003 Toyota Alphard Welcab


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Toyota Crown (S200 series)

The 200 series Crown was released around 2008 (depending on the model), Toyota released a number of variants based on this model and also did a significant update around 4 years later. With the Crown, Crown Hybrid and Crown Majesta plus the pre and post facelift changes this makes for essentially six different models all with varying names, trim levels and options so bare with us as we do our best to make sense of it all!

In rough terms the Crown is the base model and is certainly sporty, the Crown Hybrid gets better fuel economy and is even sportier (interestingly), the Majesta is the high end luxury model which sacrifices some of the performance for high tech features and a very smooth ride. These cars share a great deal with Lexus IS and GS models and are based on the same platform, in some cases also sharing the same engines.

Engine wise, the base importable model (there are lesser ones which we can't bring in) is the Crown with the 232kW (310hp) 6 cylinder 2GR-FSE engine as found in the Lexus IS350 and GS350, with the hybrid Crown setup essentially that of a Lexus GS450h. The pre facelift Crown had a 6 speed tiptronic auto gearbox, upgraded to an 8 speed tiptronic after the facelift.

Things get very interesting however with the Crown Hybrid, which has a 218kW engine which is then supplemented on demand by the electric engine. Power output figures for the electric motor is quoted at 147kW however this does not actually equate to a 147kW equivalent power to the ground. In reality this is approximately a 40kW improvement in real terms, bringing total power output to around 250kW (334hp). Toyota claims the performance of a 4.5L V8 with the fuel economy of a 2.0L 4 cylinder. After the 2013 facelift the Crown Hybrid dropped in engine size to a 2.5L and lost around 70kW as a result. The gearbox for all Crown Hybrids was a continusously variable transmission (CVT). Fuel economy is quoted as being better than 5L / 100km for the Hybrid versions, and slightly less for the Hybrid Majesta due to its increased weight.

The Crown Majesta has a 4.6L V8 engine and outputs 255kW (340hp). The facelift 210 series Crown Majesra changed to a 3.5L hybrid setup which saw little change to driveability or power but a halving of fuel consumption. The 3.5L engine puts out 254kW (338hp) combined, with the excellent fuel economy of a hybrid. The Crown Majesta had an 8 speed tiptronic transmission, upgraded to a CVT (continually variable transmission) after the facelift.

If it's all getting a little confusing with so many models in play, the easiest way to think of it is as so: the Crown Majesta is the top spec luxury flagship model with softer suspension, the Crown Hybrid is the sports model with the most power and impressive fuel economy, and the Crown is the sports model for those with a bit less to spend. The 'base' model Crown is actually a very respectable performance car so don't view it as a totally inferior specimen, it's just outdone by the additional benefits of the electric motor that the Hybrid utilizes.

Facelift models were introduced around 2013 (depending on the variant) and had quite significant changes to the exterior (particularly the front end), and also included a completely redesigned dashboard and interior with Multi Operation Touch panel... effectively a touch screen for climate control and other functions.

The features vary between each model and options chosen when new, but can include:

Multiple airbags Smart key
Push button start Front and rear power seats
Heated and cooled front seats Power rear seats
Heated rear seats Rear audio and climate controls
Power folding front seat Power rear sunshade
Power foldout rear leg rests Radar cruise control
LCD screen gauges Multi Operation Touch panel
Steering wheel controls Multiple parking cameras
Sonar parking sensors Parking Assist
Pre Collision Warning Stability Control
Braking Assist Electronic Brake Distribution
Anti theft immobilizer Noise cancelling interior speakers
Leather interior Power steering column
Memory seats and steering column Electric Only Mode (Hybrid and facelift Majesta)
Directional headlights Xenon headlights
Sunroof Blindspot warning system
Dual or Quad zone climate control Steering wheel paddle shift
Night vision pedestrian detection Power trunk lid
Height adjustable air suspension (Majessta only)


Crown 3.5L Athlete
232kW model with 6 speed tiptronic transmission (8 speed for facelift models). 18 inch wheels and sportier body kit as standard. This model is allowed for import
Crown 3.5L Athlete G Package
Athlete with additional luxury features as standard which were optional on the base Athlete. Leather seats, power and heated rear seats with rear audio controls standard. This model is allowed for import
Crown 3.5L Athlete Reborn Pink
Factory hot pink with white interior (facelift only) This model is allowed for import
Royal Saloon and Athlete models with 2.5L and 3.0L engines
Less powerful variants These models are NOT allowed for import


Crown Hybrid
Standard model with combined 250kW (334hp) and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Rear power seats and rear audio controls standard, as is LCD gauges. There were some minor named variants but the differences amongst them were not great and lower spec cars could be optioned to higher specs anyway. This model is allowed for import
Crown Hybrid L Package
Sunroof and leather standard. This model is allowed for import
Crown Hybrid Royal Saloon
Facelift base spec model with 2.5L Hybrid engine and CVT. This model is allowed for import
Crown Hybrid Athlete Reborn Pink
Factory hot pink with white interior This model is allowed for import


Crown Majesta A Type
Base model with 255kW (340hp) 4.6L V8 and 8 speed tiptronic transmission. Air suspension, rear audio controls, rear power rear seats standard. This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta A Type L-Package
Leather and sunroof standard, rear seats are heated This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta C Type
Rear audio controls, rear power heated seats with improved sounds system. Leather optional This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta G Type
Top spec model similar to the C Type, but with leather as standard. This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta G Type F-package
Top spec luxury limousine style model with 4 seats instead of 5. An arm rest in the centre with audio and climate controls, 3 way power rear seats including power leg rests, and rear seats are heated and cooled. The rear can also have a flip down TV screen, rear refrigerator, and the powered front passenger seat can fold forward to give rear passengers more leg room. This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta base facelift model
Facelift version with redesigned interior and exterior. 3.5L Hybrid with 252kW (338hp) and continuosly variable transmission (CVT). This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta F Version
Facelift luxury version with many of the higher end features made standard, instead of optional. 5 seater only, 4 seat version was not made in the facelift shape. This model is allowed for import
Crown Majesta i-FOUR
4.3L V8 4WD model This model is NOT allowed for import


The details provided here may vary for each vehicle, and J-Spec makes no claims as to the accuracy of this information.