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2002 Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

I was keen to deal with someone who knew what they were talking about and had access to the widest range of vehicles possible. It was also important that I felt I could trust the person and the process. JSpec and Ben met all these criteria. I reckon I saved somewhere between two and four thousand dollars by buying at auction through Ben. Thanks mate a great vehicle.

- Wayne G Tasmania, Australia 2002 Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix


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Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear (L400 series)

The Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear was an immensely popular vehicle in Japan, and with good reason, taking a flat floored large size wagon with ample space, seating and luxuries and mating it to a Mitsubishi Pajero engine and drive train. Delica Spacegears are fantastic as people movers, as cargo haulers, as 4WD vehicles and as just a regular car to drive. The remarkably high seating position makes for excellent visibility and a king of the road feel.

Seating is extremely versatile, front and second row captain's chairs are available (with arm side rests) and the flat floor allows you to walk from the front seats to outside the rear tailgate if you so wish. In 7 seater versions the second row of seats can swivel 180 degrees, tilt flat to make a bed with the third row, can fold up the lower part for more room, and can slide all the way forwards to but up against the front seats making a large cargo area. The rear seats can fold down to make a bed, fold up out of the way or be removed altogether.

Standard and optional features can include:

auto or rare manual transmission 7 or 8 seats
low roof or high roof long or short wheel base
captain's chairs twin sunroofs
Crystal Lite roof (power front sunroof and 4 rear glass roofs with power blinds) power curtains
heated seats dual zone climate control
dual batteries single or dual airbags
hi and lo range 4WD with centre diff lock rear LSD
inclinometer cooler box
central locking active power lock on sliding door
rear seat footrests chrome front bull bad (series 1 only) and side steps
rear ladder fog lamps
ABS brakes heated mirrors
electric side step electronic suspension control

There are a variety of chassis types available for import, all 4WD versions feature Mitsubishi's Super Select system which allows for 2WD (2H), constant AWD (4H), high-range AWD with centre diff lock (4HLc) and low-range AWD with centre diff lock (4LLc). Chassis types are:

  • PE8W = High Roof 2.8L turbo diesel
  • PD8W = Low Roof 2.8L turbo diesel
  • PF8W = High Roof 2.8L turbo diesel long wheel base (rare)
  • PD6W = High or low roof 3.0L petrol
  • PF6W = High Roof 3.0L petrol long wheel base

Available in 7 or 8 seater, low roof versions can have dual sunroofs while high roof versions can have Crystal lite roof.

Delica Spacegears saw a facelift in 1997, series 2 models feature different headlights, bumpers, front guards, bonnet and tai lights, plus interior trim changes, and the front bull bar was no longer available. An electric side step was made standard on higher spec models. There was also increased power and minor mechanical issues were attended to in response to owner's feedback such as a different fuel pump to the fault prone series 1 unit.


There are approximately 50 different named models of Delica sold by Mitsubishi and worse still many features of higher spec cars were optional on the lower spec vehicles, so even a base model can have the same features as a higher one. As such the following are all of the common models with major differences that you would expect to find, with the standard features only listed.

Base spec model, short wheel base in high or low roof. Turbo diesel only. This model is allowed for import
Long or short wheel base with high or low roof. The most commonly available model in 5 speed manual. Turbo diesel only. This model is allowed for import
The only 4WD model offered with sliding doors on both left and right sides. This model is allowed for import
Long or short wheel base, high or low roof, petrol or turbo diesel. White coated bull bar and side steps. This model is allowed for import
Super Exceed
Long or short wheel base, high or low roof, petrol or turbo diesel. Usually features digital climate control and captain's chairs. Chrome bull bar and side steps. This model is allowed for import
Royal Exceed
Rare top of the line model. Long wheel base with high roof and Crystal Lite roof only. Usually comes with power curtains, heated seats, and premium sound system with additional speakers. Series 1 only. This model is allowed for import
20th Anniversary
Petrol only series 2 variant with different interior trim This model is allowed for import
Chamonix, Jasper and Greenfields
There were also some limited edition models primarily aimed at the recreational use market, differences between these and normal vehicles were largely up to the buyer to decide what specs they wanted. Aside from different interior trim options (usually with more vibrant patterns) and body decals, the common options chosen for these cars include cold climate specs such as dual batteries and stronger starter motor and glow plug relay, rear LSD, cooler box, and are usually 8 seaters. These models are allowed for import
2.4L diesel, 2.5L petrol and 2WD versions
Non Spacegear variants These models are not allowed for import


The details provided here may vary for each vehicle, and J-Spec makes no claims as to the accuracy of this information.