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At J-Spec we source cars and import them to spec for customers looking for cheaper, better quality, lower mileage, rarer or more specific vehicles than those available locally. Finding vehicles to order is our speciality, so if you don't see what you're after on our site please contact us and we'll help you acquire your perfect car.

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What can I import?

View which models are eligible for import into Australia including sports cars, offroad vehicles and people movers. Detailed information about specs and photos is included.

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Typical prices

See what different models typically sell for at auction including how different variants with varying year, mileage, colour and transmissions can affect the price.

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View cars available right now either highlighted in our Featured section from a variety of sources, or those coming up to be auctioned in the next few days.


A random selection of cars

2010 TOYOTA IQ 130G Leather Package Sold at auction
  • 1,300cc engine
  • Auto
  • 86,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4
2003 Nissan Stagea AXIS by Autech
  • 2,500cc turbo 4WD
  • 5 speed tiptronic auto
  • 101,000 km
2006 TOYOTA BB ZX Version ストリ-トビ Sold at auction
  • 1,500cc engine
  • Auto
  • 67,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4
  • 3,500cc engine
  • Auto
  • 57,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4.5
2005 TOYOTA MARK X 300G Premium Sold at auction
  • 3,000cc engine
  • Auto
  • 100,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4
1992 NISSAN FAIRLADYZ convertible Sold at auction
  • 3,000cc engine
  • Manual
  • 63,000 km
  • Condition/grade 3.5
2011 Toyota Mark X 350S
  • 3,500cc
  • 6 speed tiptronic auto
  • 30,000 km
1987 Nissan BE-1 Low mileage
  • 1,000cc turbo
  • Automatic
  • 36,000 km
2005 NISSAN STAGEA WG 350RX Sold at auction
  • 3,500cc engine
  • Auto
  • 25,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4
2002 Toyota Caldina GT-FOUR
  • 2,000cc turbo 4WD
  • Tiptronic auto
  • 119,000 km
2002 TOYOTA ESTIMA Aeras Sold at auction
  • 3,000cc engine
  • Auto
  • 51,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4