Nissan Fuga Y50

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1991 Nissan Skyline GTR

The car arrived in town on Thursday. It looks even better then the pictures!! After a quick safety inspection, it looks to be in beautiful shape. Very little rust on the undercarriage, a few spots about the size of a wheel nut, and that is all the rust I've found. There was a bunch of HKS meters and gadgets in the glove box that I was unaware of, Bonus!! So far it runs very well and the engine is strong.

- Anthony L Alberta, Canada 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR


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Nissan Fuga (Y50 series)

Introduced in 2004 and made until 2009, the Y50 series Nissan Fuga became Nissan's flagship luxury model, replacing the F50 Cima / President, though in fact these models still continued to be sold over this period. Sold in the US and Europe as the M35 and M45, the Fuga came with either a 3.5L V6 engine with 280hp / 208kW or a 4.5L V8 engine with 334hp / 245kW, each mated to a 5 speed tiptronic auto transmission. The very last of the 3.5L models from late 2007 onwards had the slightly higher output 3.5L engine with the VQ35HR with 313 hp / 230 kW. There were also more basic 2.5L V6 versions but these are not importable.

The Fuga was intended to be a high end luxury model but did also come with sports oriented versions, with the Fuga being a mid to large sized luxury sedan presumably aimed to compete with the BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E-Class or Lexus GS series.

Boasted an impressive list of features, these can include:

ABS brakes Six airbags
Stability control Traction control
Dual zone climate control Power front seats
Heated and cooled front seats Rear climate and audio controls
Power rear sunshade Power steering column
Memory seats and steering column Power passenger ottoman
Smart key access Push button start
Leather interior 2 parking cameras
Steering wheel audio controls Adaptive radar cruise control
AFS aiming headlights Xenon HID headlights
Security system In dash CD stacker
BOSE 14 speaker sound system 4 wheel steering
Illuminated door sills Remote trunk release


All importable models have as standard features 2 cameras, power front seats, power steering column, memory seats and column position, smart key access, push button start, traction control, stability control, AFS aiming headlights, HID headlights, ABS brakes, at least 2 airbags, dual zone climate control, steering wheel audio controls, and in dash CD stacker.

250GT and 250XV
2.5L powered versions. These models are not allowed for import
Base 3.5L V6 version with 280hp / 208kW. 17" wheels standard, beige interior only. Also available as a 350XV FOUR with 4WD This model is allowed for import
Base 3.5L V6 version with 280hp / 208kW. 17" wheels standard with slightly sportier front bumper, beige or dark grey interior. Also available as a 350GT FOUR with 4WD. This model is allowed for import
350GT Sports Pack
19" wheels standard, aluminium pedals, 4 wheel steering and slightly different spring rates This model is allowed for import
Rarer luxury 3.5L version with power rear sunshade, rear climate and audio controls, and rear overhead light with folding mirror This model is allowed for import
4.5L V8 model with 334hp / 245kW. Standard passenger power ottoman, standard leather interior, standard side airbags (optional on 3.5L models). 18" wheels standard, 19" wheels optional. This model is allowed for import
450GT Sports Pack
19" wheels standard as are aluminium pedals, 4 wheel steering and slightly different spring rates This model is allowed for import
350GT Type P and 450GT Type P
Rarer 2008 facelift models, the Type P is essemtially a renamed 350XV VIP and was also offered with the 4.5L engine. Power rear sunshade, rear audio and climate controls, and radar adaptive cruise control as standard. These final versions in the 3.5L variant also had the higher spec VQ35HR engine with an extra 22kW. Heated rear seats optional This model is allowed for import
350GT Type S and 450GT Type S
Rarer 2008 facelift models, the Type S is essentially a renamed Sport Pack model. 19 inch wheels and a different front bumper were standard, 3.5L version had the higher output engine for this year. This model is allowed for import


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