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About J-Spec Certified Mileage

J-Spec Certified Mileage is a means of J-Spec customers when they eventually decide to sell their car to get the best sale price possible.

MAny cars imported into Australia by dealers have had their mileage tampered with, and while J-Spec customers know the k's on their car haven't been wound back they still need a way to show this to anyone they may end up selling their car to. When they are selling their genuine low mileage vehicle and are competing with fake "low" mileage vehicles if they can show that their vehicle didn't have the mileage wound back at time of import then they will be able to get an easier sale, and a better price for their car. J-Spec cars often are of significantly better condition and significantly lower mileage than others available locally and it's not fair that J-Spec customers should have to compete against cars with fake mileage, as it's not really a fair comparison.

More info on J-Spec's mileage policy can be seen here.

A J-Spec Certified Mileage page is created for all J-Spec customers importing cars of a Japanese origin, and this can be linked to in any online advertisement that a may be used to sell their car when it's time to move on (people have to say goodbye to even our wonderful cars eventually!).

This is an example of a J-Spec Certified Mileage page created for each J-Spec customer.


This page has a copy of the Export Certificate, which is document issued by the Japanese department of transport showing previous dates and mileages of mandatory roadworthy inspections done in Japan, and notes the pertinent points to those who don't know how to interpret this document. J-Spec customers also always receive the original version of this document as part of our mileage policy, which has watermarks and fine detail print to prevent counterfeiting.

At J-Spec we are committed to fighting the illegal, immoral and sadly widespread practice of tampering with speedos when cars are imported into Australia, and we know the vast majority of the time the vehicles we import have done much lower k's than others, even if to people who don't know any better the mileage appears to be the same.