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Why choose J-Spec Imports over a local used car dealer?

Used car dealers' reputations are often very well deserved and there are some very clear and significant advantages to importing a car yourself over one available locally. Keep in mind usually cars being sold privately were originally through a local used car dealer in the first place.

  • Choice.

    As opposed to local dealers, J-Spec has a massive selection of vehicles allowing you to choose the exact details of a car you want from a pool of hundreds of thousands, rather than having to compromise and select from the meagre selection of a handful of cars a local dealer can provide. J-Spec has access to more cars than anyone, we regularly supply dealers and other import businesses such is the scope of cars we have access to. Want something unique or unusual? No dealer would stock such a car, but with J-Spec almost anything can be found to suit your desires.

  • Genuine mileage.

    The issue of tampered with mileage for cars being sold by Australian dealers is now becoming a significant problem, and many are unknowingly falling prey to this immoral behaviour.

    With J-Spec, for Japanese based cars you will ALWAYS receive the ORIGINAL copy of the Export Certificate, showing that the mileage has not been wound back at time of import.

  • Price.

    J-Spec Imports charges a $1,200 service fee regardless of the car you purchase. Dealers will typically make anywhere from $3,000 - $10,000 profit on a vehicle, and frequently much bigger profit margins on higher priced vehicles. It's not uncommon for a dealer to be asking $100,000 for the exact same vehicle that we could import for around $70,000 landed and complied.

    Dealers need to charge more to cover overheads and the cost of holding such a value of vehicles in stock. Since J-Spec does not have large overheads or any money invested in stock the savings can be dramatic. If we get a car at a bargain price rather than just bumping the price up to market value as a dealer would, as part of our fixed service fee philosophy this saving is yours.

  • Quality.

    Vehicles in stock with local dealers will have been purchased to make that dealer the maximum amount of money. A rough, cheap car that can be dolled up to look nice and have the mileage wound back will always be a better proposition to a dealer than paying for an actual good condition, low mileage car. With J-Spec you can buy the car that suits your goals, not one that suits a local used car dealer's bottom line.

  • Honesty.

    Since J-Spec has no vested interest in any particular car we can steer customers away from the poorer ones... if a car is no good we can just wait for another better one to come along. Dealers who own a car themselves will want to sell THEIR car regardless of the condition and if it suits your needs.

  • Transparency.

    You will get to see the car in it's original state in Japan and so can see how the car has really been looked after previously. We will not be buying a poor car and then covering up the issues and detailing it once it has arrived to hide the fact that it may have been a rough vehicle bought on the cheap.

    Since you have information on the car from the moment it is found in Japan there is no contact with anyone who could alter the mileage or make any other changes to hide a car's problems.

  • Information.

    J-Spec can get thorough information on any vehicle, including in most cases an inspection by one of our representatives in person for cars at auction, and our inspection service for cars from dealers and private sellers where we will get someone to look at a car and come back to us with a written report and many photos on cars anywhere in Japan still has no parallels.