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How J-Spec Imports works

J-Spec is not a used car dealer in that we don't have our own stock of cars sitting in Australia. Instead, cars are sourced to order, allowing customers to get cars which are more specifically with the features they wanted, and should they wish they have access to all types of cars in all types of conditions, not just those which are best suited to a local dealer's bottom line. Further, since we have no interest or money invested in a particular vehicle there is no bias in the information we give people and will quite regularly turn customers away from a car, which would be far harder to do if it was a car which we actually owned. As such we don't push our own cars, agendas or bottom line onto customers, we help them find whatever they want and charge a flat, one off fee to do so.

Because of the smaller overheads of not having hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in stock we can also run at far lower operating costs and this saving is passed on to the customer. Despite all of the other advantages of using an import consultant like J-Spec, for many people it is simply that using us you can import a car without having to pay the several thousand dollars profit a dealer would usually demand for a car they are selling. Even if we happen to fluke a car at auction for example at an exceptional price, rather than the car being brought up to market price and us making a greater profit, this saving is instead passed on to the customer and indeed this does often happen.

Customers can either buy a car currently listed on our site (such as a car from the Featured section) or if they want more choices have us search for a car that specifically matches the criteria they want in a vehicle such as a particular colour, spec, mileage or price range. When searching for a car we will look from a number of sources but usually we end up buying a car from auction as prices are often cheapest there, and with well over 100,000 cars per week from over 100 different auctions this also provides the most choice. We can search for cars for you, translate the auction sheet from Japanese, and get mechanics to go and inspect the car in person to get more information about the condition of a vehicle and make sure it has no issues. We would come back to you with the details about a car and they you can either make the decision to give that particular car a miss (in which case we'll continue to search) or if you do like the sound of it we can discuss a budget and put in a bid. There is no limit as to how many cars we look at for you or bid on (nor is there a time limit), we'll keep going until we get a car that you're happy with.

Since you are purchasing the car yourself and only paying us our service fee, payment is not made in one single amount but instead is paid to the various businesses involved directly along the way. Click here for information on what payments need to be made and when. Once the car arrives in Australia payment for GST, customs clearance and ocean freight is paid to a customs clearance agent which we organize for you. Once landed the car needs to go through compliance (making the car meet Australian standards) which we will also assist with, and then finally it is ready for registration.