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Typical J-Spec/customer interaction for auction vehicles

  • Customer signs up with J-Spec, completing an import agreement form and paying J-Spec's service fee
  • J-Spec begins searching daily at auction for a vehicle matching the customer's specifications and requirements
  • Or, the customer sees a car in the auction system which they are interested in, and contacts J-Spec
  • J-Spec translates the auction report , and if we can see that the car looks like it could be a suitable vehicle, we arrange for an inspection by someone in person
  • J-Spec contacts the customer and gives them the results of the inspection
  • Customer either decides that this is not the car for them and passes on it, or says they would like to bid on it and either gives a budget, or seeks advice from J-Spec about the car and what might be a suitable price to bid
  • J-Spec arranges for the bid to be placed on the car with a bidder in Japan, and informs the customer of the outcome
  • If the car is successfully purchased then the customer receives the FOB invoice from Japan, along with instructions on how to make that payment, including advice to get the best exchange rate (which can result in a saving of several hundred dollars). J-Spec proceeds to arrange transport of the car to the port for shipping and the export process which follows, and arranges for additional photos to be taken of the vehicle. If the car sells outside the budget and the customer is unsuccessful in winning the auction, we continue to search until the right car is found.