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Export agents and wholesalers in Japan

Through our many years of business J-Spec has forged several strong relationships with export agents in Japan. These are companies who deal with the purchase of vehicles and arrange for their export either for used car dealers in other countries, or consultants such as J-Spec.

Sometimes these export agents will have cars in stock, these are either cars which export agents know are in high demand in certain markets, are well priced or are in some other way desirable and so often are good cars to buy. These cars can be purchased with confidence since we will normally have good information, good photos and be dealing with a source we have a long term and trusting relationship with.

Export agent's stock will usually be listed on our site in the Featured Cars section, or we will show cars with export agents to signed up customers when the vehicle matches what they are searching for.

Export agent pros

  • Prices can be good, since export agents know what is and is not competitive
  • Usually many photos and good information available
  • A trust worthy source since J-Spec has had a long standing relationship with these businesses
  • Usually cars which have desirable features or specs which people want, since export agents normally have their finger on the pulse in terms of what the market wants. Since we deal with such a broad range of customer often export agents will actually ask J-Spec for advice on what cars they should be buying at the moment.

Export agent cons

  • Cars sometimes sell quite quickly because of the pros mentioned above
  • Sometimes similar cars could be sourced cheaper as often cars are bought at auction by export agents and then have some profit added on top. The profit is usually modest though (it varies for each agent and some we won't deal with!), and often export agents will low ball dozens of vehicles to get that one fluke at an exceptional price for their stock