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Yahoo! Japan auctions

Yahoo! Japan is essentially the equivalent of eBay in other countries. eBay never took off in Japan so Yahoo! auctions have grown massively instead. Cars listed on Yahoo! will be either up for auction (sometimes with a reserve price) or are advertised with a "Buy-It-Now" price so you know exactly how much it will cost. Cars on Yahoo! are sometimes vehicles being sold by used car dealers, but it is also one of the major places where private individuals sell their own car, a practice which is actually quite uncommon in Japan compared to the West. As such often rarer cars, classic cars, heavily modified cars or any vehicle owned by an enthusiast are often sold on Yahoo!, so it can be an excellent place to source something a little bit more unusual that a dealer either won't normally deal with, or which an enthusiast has owned.

J-Spec can purchase cars from Yahoo! however we have two main advantages over a lot of other people who offer this service:

  • We can have vehicles inspected prior to paying the seller. This involves someone going to inspect the car and they will prepare a written report and several hundred photos on which to make your final decision. It amazes us how many people are willing to buy cars from Yahoo! without any additional information on condition other than what the seller has provided, only to find that the car has serious problems or is not up the standard they were expecting.
  • There are many companies out there who will purchase Yahoo! vehicles but with an exorbitant FOB fee. For Yahoo! vehicles purchased with J-Spec the FOB fee is still a standard 100,000 yen, unless cars are in a remote location and need additional transport to move them to the port.

The various quirks involved with purchasing cars from Yahoo! can vary for each vehicle so if interested please contact us, given that there can be quite tight time frames involved with Yahoo! auctions and that we usually want to contact the seller prior to bidding to get more photos and information on condition, it is strongly recommended customers are already signed up with J-Spec if they know they want to buy a car from Yahoo!. Waiting for the right car to come up and then contacting us can sometimes mean there is not enough time to have everything in place and information about a car, and you may miss out.