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Auction Timing

Auction vehicles on our site are usually up for auction the day before or the day they are listed. That is, any car which you look at on our auction system will quite possibly have been sold by the end of the day. The auctions typically start at around 10am EST and can run until late at night for some of the bigger auction houses with a large quantity of stock to get through. Because of the tight time frames involved, if you wish to get information about and bid on a car at auction it is usually not possible to organize a completed Import Agreement form with J-Spec and payment of our service fee in time, so if you intend on bidding on vehicles at auction please contact us to take care of this earlier as buying on impulse is often not possible. In particular people who wait for the right car to come up and THEN contact us are usually too late, so if you know you are interested in searching for a particular car please contact us before hand to get everything in place.