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Japanese used car dealers

The basics you need to know

At any moment in time there are hundreds of thousands of cars available with Japanese used car dealers from which J-Spec can source a vehicle. We can contact dealers for additional information on a particular car and can usually get additional photos. In fact in Japan used car dealers are more prevalent than most countries since buying and selling a car privately is still a relative rarity. Just like any country also, used car dealers in Japan will have varying levels of trustworthiness, and due to this fact as well as the relative difficulty in buying cars from a dealer J-Spec is fairly rare in that most exporters or import consultants are not able to safely buy cars from dealers in Japan, and so rely on more traditional sources such as from auction.

J-Spec only buys cars where there is good, complete information about the condition of a vehicle, so as well as getting information about a car from the dealer themselves we can also arrange for an independent inspection to take place so the dealer's word alone isn't the only information being used to buy a vehicle. Inspections result in 100's of photos being taken and a detailed condition report, for more information about J-Spec's inspection service please click here.

Dealer pros

  • Decent photos and information in the first place help customers decide if a car is worthy of consideration
  • J-Spec's inspection service results in very detailed condition reports and 100's of photos so customers should feel very comfortable they know a lot about the condition of a car to make their decision upon
  • Cars typically do not sell as quickly from used car dealers as other sources, so there is more time to make a decision

Dealer cons

  • Much like buying from a dealer in Australia, the prices from a JApanese dealer are tend not be as good as from wholesale sources such as at auction, though there are exceptions and still good deals sometimes
  • Due to the time involved (and travel costs) to inspect a car, inspectors charge per inspection which is charged at cost to the customer. As such inspections are only recommended for cars which customers are keen on and would like to buy pending no nasty surprises from the inspection, and not to inspect multiple cars and then choose one of them.

In greater detail