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Typical J-Spec/customer interaction for dealer vehicles

  • customer sees a dealer car on J-Spec's website or in the case of an already signed up customer J-Spec may bring a suitable car with a dealer to the customer's attention
  • J-Spec contacts the dealer and requests additional photos and details about the car from the seller. J-Spec will also check recent auction history and other sources to see if the car was recently purchased and thus obtain additional information from a separate source
  • J-Spec sends the additional information from the dealer to the customer
  • if needed, the customer can request more information or clarification about the information so far from the dealer
  • if happy with the information so far and the customer would like to buy the car, an inspection is arranged to get hundredos of photos and full info on the car to help the customer make a final decision
  • customer signs up with J-Spec and pays service fee at this point, if not done so already
  • J-Spec sends inspection results to the customer once completed
  • customer decides based upon inspection results if they would like to buy the car (J-Spec provides any advice or feedback if the customer would like it), and if so the importation process proceeds from there
  • if a customer signed up with J-Spec does not wish to buy the car and would like their service fee returned, it can then be refunded minus the cost of the inspection